Have Sex With Your Clothes On

I’ve been thinking about how we share our sex lives with pen and paper, via keyboards, on stages, through microphones, and everywhere else while clothed. I like it when creative adults have fun, mature conversations about what sexuality means to them personally or in our country in generally. Photo below is from “Media Sex Night” at my friend Rachel Kramer Bussel’s retired In the Flesh Erotic Reading Series. I miss it because it did a fantastic job rounding up a community of artists — burlesque dancers, comedians, writers, singers and others — to talk about sex like adults.

L - R: Jo Weldon, Rachel Shukert, Kevin Allison, Jillian Lauren, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Twanna A. Hines and Jerry Portwood. (Photo credit: Victoria Bowman Steinour)

L – R: Jo Weldon,THE BURLESQUE HANDBOOK; Rachel Shukert, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE GREAT, Kevin Allison, MTV’s THE STATE; Jillian Lauren, SOME GIRLS; Rachel Kramer Bussel, A MILLION ANTHOLOGIES; Twanna A. Hines, FUNKY BROWN CHICK®; and Jerry Portwood, Executive Editor of OUT magazine. (Photo credit: Victoria Bowman Steinour)

Last night, I attended Chris Trew’s Air Sex World Championships. Much like In the Flesh,it shows how fun, awkward, hot, and diverse sexual activity can be, without even showing the act at all. If you’re interested in In the Flesh, with Rach’s blessing, Suzanne Portnoy recently launched a London-based version of it. To learn more about Air Sex, check out the indie documentary kickstarter.

If you see this note, you’re reading FUNKY BROWN CHICK on the go. If links, videos or photos don’t load, visit and join the conversation at the link below:

Have Sex With Your Clothes On

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