Dating with escorts for couples

I have always dreamed of having a hot bisexual date as I am bisexual. My husband understands my needs and try to make sure that I have a lot of freedom to express myself. For a recent birthday, he arranged a really nice surprise for me. We always book into a hotel, one of the tops ones in London, but on this occasion he asked London escorts services to provide escorts for couples. I would recommend this service to other bisexual ladies as well. It was a really sensual experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. As a matter of fact, I think that I might treat us to an extra pair of helping hands again.

I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as escorts for couples here in London. previously I had read about the service being available in places like Las Vegas but I had never come across it in London. It was a very special experience, and I must say that I think it is a good solution for couples like husband and myself. The girl who came to visit us was really stunning and I enjoyed her company immensely. It is hard but you know what to do instinctively. I had such as great time and I am sure I could repeat the experience at home.

It might actually be even nicer to order the service at home. After all, at home I have a kit of fun toys that we can play and perhaps an escorts for couples would enjoy it more. I have looked on the web site and I have found that many girls who operate this service are very sexy and beautiful. So far, I have only met one girl but I would like to meet many more of the exotic beauties.

I am blonde so I enjoy dating brunette girls. In the past a lot of my partners have been dark and I would like to continue to date hot brunette girls. My husband is dark as well, so it must be something with dark hair and dark skin that turns me. I just love the way dark skin looks under my pale fingers, and the way my long polished nails shine against their skin. I find this a very erotic experience, and I just love to touch and explore. Apparently, my husband feels the same way about me.

I wouldn’t mind if my husband brought his own date. I think it is a bit unfair that escorts for couples is for me, and he might like to bring his own company. The girls on the web site who look after the boys are just as stunning as the other ones, I am sure that he would rally enjoy their company. A massage date would be the best solution as he is often very tired and achy when he comes from work. Maybe I should grab the bull by the horns and arrange this for him as a sweet surprise.

I Like to play dress up…

Dear Better Sex Guide,

I would like to date London escorts who specialize in dressing up maybe like the girls from To be honest, I am not looking for anything extreme, I am just looking for a naughty night nurse or a police woman. Or perhaps even a petite girl who likes to dress up as a school girl.It seems to be really difficult to find London escorts who offer dress up services, and I quite often wonder why.

When I travel to places like the United States, I find that a lot of ladies like to dress up and they even mention it on their websites, but here in London nobody seems to talk about it. It is very odd and I do wonder why. I have dated regular escorts in places like Debden and Richmond, and none of the girls that I have dated say that they do dress up.

Also a lot of the London escorts agencies that I have spoken to are happy to supply regular escorts services but none of them seem to be able to offer dress up girls. This is what really turns me on and I don’t want to have to just date dress up girls when I visit the United States.
Can you help me please. Thank you John

Dear John,

Thank you for your email. You sound like a man after my own heart. When I worked for a London escorts agency, I used to offer dress up services as I really enjoy dressing up. My favorite outfit was Naughty Night Nurse, but I did enjoy dressing up as French Maid as well. All my dress up characters had different names and characters. My French Maid was very nurse, but my Naughty Night Nurse could be both gentle and a bit rough with her patients.

In the United States, playing dress up with your favorite escorts is very popular but we seem to be doing less of it in the UK. I don’t understand why it is less popular here as I know that many gents enjoy dress up. Somehow, it seems to have gone out of fashion here in the UK, but a lot of escorts do personally enjoy dressing up. It is a shame that they don’t insist that the agency they work for promote their dress up services.

However, if you are looking for dress up services, you really need to look at some of central London escorts agencies. The best areas are place like Mayfair and Kensington, but you will also find these kind of services in Canary Wharf. On occasion you will have to pay a bit extra for dress up services, but if this is something you enjoy, it isn’t such a big deal. Hourly rates are still reasonable, and I am sure that you will enjoy your experience.

Would you please write back in to tell us how you found the services and if you enjoyed your here experience in London as much you enjoyed it in the United States.

Birth Control and the Female Body

The most common form of birth control is still the contraceptive Pill and many women use the contraceptive pill, or the Pill, as it called by most of the sexy girls from cheap London escorts agency This is not the only form of contraception available, and London escorts are keen to point out that the condom helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies as well as offer protection from Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

The Pill is used by millions of women world including London escorts, but it does more than offer protection from pregnancy. A group of London escorts got together and did some research into the many health benefits of the Pill with help of Dr Annie Bliss.

Modern Use of the Contraceptive Pill

London escorts were surprised to find out that there are many health benefits attached to taking the Pill. I am personally 49 years old, and I still take the Pill. It is unlikely that I will become pregnant, but I pointed out to London escorts that the Pill has many health benefits as well. There are many different types of Pills that you can take, and each of their own unique hormonal blend. I have been on the Pill for a long time, and to be honest, I find it is the only thing that helps me to regulate my low blood pressure.

Some of the London escorts that I spoke to are indeed using the Pill, but a large majority of them are not. Sadly, I was surprised to hear that some London escorts are concerned about the effects of the Pill. To be honest, very few harmful effects have been noted, and the health benefits out weight the risks for most women.

Change of Use

The way we use the Pill these days is quite different. Modern science has proved that the Pill can help to control weight and acne, but surprisingly as we age, the Pill becomes even more important. Last year I started to experience symptoms of the peri -menopause. This is the time in a woman’s life that leads about to the cessation of periods i.e. the menopause.

I have always been on the Pill but I decided together with my doctor to change the Pill I was on to help me cope better with some of the symptoms I was experiencing. The peri-menopause can cause some really confusing symptoms including bloating, joint pains, heavier periods and irregular menses. There are Pills available to help women combat these symptoms, and the best one is called Neovletta.

The peri-menopause is caused by lower oestrogen levels in the female body, and when the hormone levels go out balance, you will experience many of the symptoms described. Tiredness is another common symptom. However, like I told London escorts, no woman should suffer in silence and we should all do something about it.

The best line of defence against aching joints and many of the other symptoms associated with the peri-menopause is the Pill. However, you should never experiment with these things on your own, contact your doctor and insist on help to help you to live better.

Today’S Methods Of Birth Control

People have used birth control measures for thousands of years. Today, there are a lot of safe and effective birth control methods available. If you want to choose and earn about each method that will help you to make your decision, use the list below.

Birth control pill also referred to as the pill contains hormones progestin and estrogen. It is usually prescribed by a doctor. A pill will be taken the same time every day. If you are more than thirty five years old and you smoke or you have a history of breast cancer, your doctor might advice you against the pill. This method is ninety two to ninety nine percent effective in preventing pregnancy.

Birth control shot is an injectable progestin which stops ovulation and prevents sperms from getting to the egg. It is ninety nine percent effective when used directly. The shot is taken one or every three months by the doctor. It is ideal since there is no hassle of having to remember to take it daily as it is the case with the pill.

A flexible ring that is two inches in diameter is inserted into the vagina. This ring releases hormones estrogen and progestin. The ring is placed in the vagina. You will wear it for three weeks, take it out for the week when you are on your periods and then put back a new one. It is ninety two to ninety nine percent effective at stopping pregnancy.

The patch is worn on the lower abdomen, upper body but not breasts or the buttocks. This method is prescribed by a doctor. You will put a new patch once a week for a period of three weeks. During the fourth week, you do not wear a patch so that you can have your periods. It is less effective in women who weigh more than one hundred and ninety eight pounds.

Cervical cap is similar to a diaphragm although smaller in size. It is used in the same way as the diaphragm. It is fitted over the cervix and keeps the sperm from getting in. The cap needs to be used with spermicide for extra protection. It is inserted before having sex and it can be left for twenty four hours without spermicide. It should be washed, dried and then stored after every use. Go to your doctor for proper fitting since the caps come in different sizes.